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  • Our Aim.
    Promoting the well-being for young girls and women
    from 10 to 35 years old
  • You Can Make A
    Support a young girl achieve her dream,
  • Health Services
    We help Single mothers access health services included HIV-Testing and Hepatitis Screening.

You can make a difference

Too many young female face barriers to sexual and reproductive health information and care.


Nyampinga Ushoboye.

NYAMPINGA USHOBOYE is women and youth led community based organisation, engaged in Leadership, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training to teen mothers who dropped out of school as a strategy to alleviate poverty in Gahanga Sector, Kicukiro district in the City of Kigali and as well as country-wide. The organization's goal is to “Create access to social and economic opportunities towards empowering teen mothers and their kids in Kicukiro district and country-wide.” 

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Our Programs

Young Women’s economic empowerment program .

Economically empower single mothers and teen mothers by giving them practical vocational skills such as tailoring, and handcrafting for their socialeconomic well-being. Through a partnership with other organizations, we host workshops on leadership and confidence-building skills to boost the self-confidence and resilience skills of teen mothers and single mothers.

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Preventing exploitation of young girls remains our focus.

Preventing exploitation of young girls remains our focus.

We, at Nyampinga ushoboye, do believe that access to sexual and reproductive health services enables adolescent women to have their first birth at the time they desire, achieve healthy spacing of later births and have the number of children they want; to receive the pregnancy care they need and have healthy babies; and to have healthy sexual lives, free from HIV and other STIs. We aim to provide these services.

We promote the well-being of young girls and women.

We promote the well-being of young girls and women.

We offer accurate information and confidential services.

233 Young Girls and Women Supported.

Many barriers—such as social norms, legal restrictions, inadequate availability of services and negative attitudes from providers—prevent adolescent women from obtaining sexual and reproductive health services.

The Impact

Youth Mobilized and 178 women were voluntarily tested for HIV/AIDs
Children supported under Early Childhood Development Program.
Women Trained in tailoring and entrepreneurship.
Youth trained in sexual reproductive health

How can you Help?

Your contribution would be highly appreciated.


You can mentor a young girl or woman to become a better person.


Your donation is welcome. You can donate funds or material.


Sharing is caring. No gift is too small. You can touch lives.


You can support a young Girl or Woman by purchasing our products.

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Don't Wait

The time is now. Will you stand up for reproductive health and rights?

Have a hand in raising 1000 face masks against covid 19, for vulnerable families in Gahanga sector, stay safe stay blessed

Posted by Nyampinga Ushoboye on Thursday, September 24, 2020