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Your financial support allows us to hire experienced trainers and purchase sewing machines and materials that teen mothers use while in training. It makes it easy to reach vulnerable teen mothers who don't have the ability to pay for tuition to attend vocational training.

Our goal is not just to train these teen mothers and single women but also to giving them financial support to start a small business applying their skills after graduation and it is only through your support that we can make it happen. 

Help us reach more teen and single mothers who are vulnerable!

Here below are our bank details. 

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (Rwanda) plc

Account Name: Nyampinga Ushoboye (N.U) 

Account No: 211244019251010 (USD) / 211244019251010 (Rwf)

Thank You and God Bless You.

Our Needs

Office and workshop For Training Center

We need a stable office and workshop address to implement our programs and expand our impact. Nyampinga Ushoboye has rented or used office provided for free by different individuals since its founding which was for a temporary period of time. Our Needs Office and workshop For Training Center We are currently renting using money we took as a loan, and we are owing the landlord for the past 2 months because of unpaid arrears due to lack of funds.

All activites are currently beeing conducted in a single hall (Class, office, kids room etc.)The last house we were using was old and the owner informed us at short notice that we had to leave it because they planned to demolish it and construct new premises in the land for its strategic location. This put us in a difficult situation of finding an affordable and stable physical address a big challenge. Expand and Sustain Our Programs Donations sustain our programs.

Funding shortages have slowed program implementation. We can't reach more vulnerable young women because vocational training and other programs require daily operating expenses. These include renting of space for the training and ECD program, trainers salaries, materials, sewing machines maintenance, security guard, food for our Early Childhood Development program, transport to campaigns in schools, health centers, churches and communities, and other office expenses.

Sponsorship will help us reach more vulnerable teen mothers and girls and make training and programs available to everyone. It will also allow us to design new programs to empower young women, including buying machines to give to those who graduate from our programs for them to start income generating activities after graduating and hence make a sustainable impact across all our programs. 

Room for Kids

Since our recent relocation, we don’t have a dedicated room to accommodate kids for their care, and it is becoming problematic for their mothers to focus because they study/follow studies while holding their babies.

The room for Kids in a very need of a dedicated room for kids and the caretakers, We need a kitchen garden we need a kitchen for making meals we need to separate the main hall from offices we need an exhibition room for products we make.