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Who We Are

NYAMPINGA USHOBOYE is a non-profit & Women-Led organization located in Gahanga sector, Kicukiro District, created in 2014 by a Teen-Girl, a Student in secondary school, Mrs. Grace UWIZEYE; to promoting the talents of the young female and had won an award as “The Best Short Inspiring Movie’s Writer” in “Rwanda Christian Film Festival 2014”.1 In 2015, she had attended a couple of fashion events with her trained young girls and got a recognizable public place, as a young female innovator and dream transformer.

In 2016, NYAMPINGA USHOBOYE had expanded its activities to preventing the teenage pregnancies, preventing new cases of HIV infections, preventing exploitation of young girls against public and domestic young girls-based violence, due to its alarming portion across the country. In 2017, with a package of knowledge and skills from Cornerstone Leadership Academy and Global Grassroots trainings, enabled the founder of NYAMPINGA USHOBOYE to put into action different models from helping teenage mothers to copy with the new motherly environment, and some have been encouraged and helped to return to school and other with extreme vulnerable condition helped to join Craftworks-based self help groups to earn some income to help them and their kids.


In 2018, NYAMPINGA USHOBOYE had come up in a program to ensuring health lives and promoting well-being for young girls and women from 10 to 35 years old after the findings that the female in that category of age face many challenges including:

  • Too many young female face barriers to sexual and reproductive health information and care. At this point NYAMPINGA USHOBOYE started public health campaigns in different schools and communities in collaboration with the Youth Volunteers from Youth Impact Mission-Rwanda.
  • Adolescents and Youth’s Mental health disorders due to physiological development & Substance abuse & Risky behaviours:
  • Unwanted sex and unsafe abortions & sexually transmitted infections including HIV for young women. At this point, NYAMPINGA USHOBOYE encouraged young women to be screened from HIV test to first be aware of their serologic status and explained their rights on their health, including safe sex and abortion.


In 2019, NYAMPINGA USHOBOYE drafted a new program entitled “Young Women’s Economic Empowerment (YWEE) and mobilized funding from GT-Bank to help single mothers (Teenage mothers unable to go back to school, raped mothers and HIV widowed mothers) for Tailoring Trainings.

GT-Bank provided thirty (30) Sewing Machines with some accessories then the single mothers are being trained at NYAMPINGA USHOBOYE at the same time receiving SRH Services and information with the additional help of the health facilitators (nurses and counselors) from Gahanga Health Center.

Currently, many of the projects ranging from public health campaigns to initiating income generating activities in formed self-help groups, to lift up their life status are in pipeline due to lack of capacity, limited advocacy, lack of new partners, etc.




  • To reduce teenage pregnancy,
  • To prevent new cases of HIV infection,
  • To promote education for young girls and prevent their school drop-outs,
  • To combat self-stigma among HIV widowed mothers,
  • To promote leadership among young females at local community,
  • To promote Girls and women intervention in sustainable development of the nation.
  • To protect environment against the hazards mostly in peace time (not in wartime)